More Than A Tour...

An Experience Worthy of Any Bucket List

Many make the above claim and either have a lousy bucket list themselves or come up woefully short of achieving that goal.

MORE THAN A TOUR and STREAMSTOWN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP LLC take pride in offering travel experiences that are truly unique & take very serious our responsibility to provide "an experience worthy of any bucket list."

A few examples of our experiences:

  • Kayaking along-side of dolphins and seals to a historic island in the Irish Sea just a few hundred meters off the coast. You’ll enjoy a catered lunch as you explore the awesome wildlife, spectacular birds that inhabit the nearby aviary sanctuary and the abandoned monastery & Viking base that once stood on the Island.
  • Private concerts by upcoming local artists from many genres at iconic locations, including a spectacular castle outside of Galway, Ireland.
  • Joining the ‘locals’ in their celebration of their popular holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day or Bloomsday in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Welcoming the start of summer with a sunrise toast & catered breakfast from a neolithic stone circle utilized by ancestors thousands of years before in their recognition of the summer solstice.
  • A culinary tour of Italy, travelling with the co-author of The Vatican Cookbook. Your last evening dinner is hosted by one of the former Pope’s Chef, now the acclaimed Owner of a Michelin starred restaurant in Zurich. In addition to joining you at the table, he will instruct the hotel’s kitchen staff in preparing one of the Pope’s favorite meals.